23 Mercer is a global distribution platform created to streamline logistics, brand growth and increase sales both domestically and internationally.

23 Mercer is the only fully vertical global distribution company in the USA. We have spent 10 years building relationships with over 1,500  retailers, the best fulfillment  facilities, press agencies and digital marketing companies. We combine our in house sales team with over 80 global sales associates  to maximize the amount of retailers that see your brand.





 Relationships with over 1,500 retailers

Majors, specialty stores, private label, .com retail

 Over 40 E-commerce market places

 Our NYC showroom is your brands home

 Global sales teams and showrooms


The only fully automated robotic fulfillment facility in the USA

Real time inventory for entire sales teams and all market places

24 hour B2C shipping for Amazon Prime compliance

Already vendor compliant with major department store

List your product on over 30 global market places


 Financing for all purchase orders

 Financing for in stock inventory for .com B2C biz

 Billing, invoicing, factoring for advances on Po's



Over 40 million dollars in purchase orders from Costco

Global licensing partners including the NFL

Branding -partnerships with the best press agencies, bloggers 

The best network for your .com retail site

Relationships with 1,500 retailers domestically and internationally

             -The Future of E-Commerce Shipping-

23Mercer has an exclusive partnership with North America's

            only automated, robotic shipping facility.

  We give you all

the customer data

Want 23Mercer to review your brand for possible representation?

                 Corporate Office

             25 Broadway, 9th Floor

                New York, NY 10004               

                Direct: 646-832-6117



USA Brands -           joshua@23mercer.com



International Brands -  team@23mercer.com



Careers & Internships - team@23mercer.com                                          



Press Inquiries -            team@23mercer.com


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